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Various Graphic Design Work

During my time at Diagram, I assisted with the graphic design work for the company itself. This manifested in social media imagery, graphics for the company on site, and even my team's logo.


Graphic Design



Social Media
While at Diagram I was in charge of much of their social media posts to celebrate holidays and other events. Below are some of the highlights of my designs that have been featured across the social platforms.

Diagram Company
On-site 2023

Diagram held its company on-site in September this year, and I was in charge of the commemorative poster. This year was concert-themed, with the final activity at the Chicago House of Blues. Taking inspiration from classic concert posters I came up with the options you see here. The winner was the version to the left and the two runners-up are pictured below.

Team Rocket Logo.png

Team Rocket Logo
When I joined Team Rocket at Diagram the team was going through a transition with new members joining. That meant it was time for an update to the team logo. I took inspiration from the classic 90's Houston Rockets logo and added different elements from the original design. Our team mascot is a cat, which is featured in the window. It has the Diagram spark brand maker in the other windows, and it is themed in the official Diagram brand colors.

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