Cloud Lounge
The Makeup Whirl

The seating unit project from the spring of my junior year at DAAP. This project had it all, sketching, rendering, human factors, and creating a full scale working prototype. The Cloud Lounge is a centerpiece in my home to this day.

My thesis project was inspired by my time working in Female Beauty at P&G. There I was exposed to the world of makeup and saw an opportunity area when it came to product organization in drug/grocery stores.

T-Class Packaging
T-Class Hairclippers

I designed this package during my first co-op to compliment my

T-Class project. Since I was working at a corrugated packaging company, I saw the perfect opportunity to use all the resources I had available to me to create some awesome packaging.

The final project of my sophomore year was the powertool project. I thought outside of the box and picked a tool that wouldn't normal come up during a powertool conversation. I brought a sense of luxury and comfort into hairclippers.

Right of Way Chess

A project from the middle of my sophomore year at DAAP. A chess set designed to teach the movement patterns of each piece through familiar street signs.

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